16 Nov 2008

Amazon Your Business

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The second edition of Amazon Your Business comes out.

As the Christmas season comes up, please be sure to take advantage of the latest edition of Amazon Your Business to learn all about sustainable products from the forests and rivers of the Amazon in all the Amazon countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname.

Ministers of Amazon countries, entrepreneurs, consultants, leaders of international organisations and NGOs, and local villagers share their views on and experiences of the development and marketing of sustainable products and payments for environmental services in the Amazon. 

This book explains how markets work for forest conservation, development cooperation and poverty alleviation. Amazon Your Business invites businessmen and businesswomen, investors, politicians, civil servants and consumers all over the world to contribute to the conservation of the rainforests of the Amazon, through investments and trade, through facilitating market access and through buying sustainable, certified products from the Amazon.

Here is the link to the Amazon Your Business webpage.


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