09 Apr 2009

Biodiversity: an emerging trend. But who has heard about it?

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IPSOS, Union for Ethical BioTrade

Consumer products brands today place a strong emphasis on nature, and cosmetics are no exception. Proposing products that are genuinely from nature means having sources of natural ingredients, and raises questions about the preservation of plants and animals, the ecosystem and of local populations … in other words: biodiversity.

But who today has heard of biodiversity? And what image do consumers have of the cosmetics industry relative to biodiversity conservation?

On the eve of the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010, the Union for Ethical BioTrade asked Ipsos to conduct the first worldwide study of consumer perceptions of biodiversity. That study was conducted in February 2009 and involved 4000 consumers in 4 countries (France, Germany, the UK and the USA). 

PRESS RELEASE in English / French


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