04 Oct 2011

Biodiversity awareness explored at Natural Beauty Summit Paris

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The Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) explored the importance of biodiversity for the cosmetics industry, as well as consumer’s awareness of the issue, at this year’s Natural Beauty Summit held in Paris.


As the inspiration for many new products and ingredients, biodiversity is an important resource for the cosmetics sector. Working to protect this resource should, therefore, be a priority for companies who wish to secure it for future innovation.


In addition, biodiversity is becoming increasingly well known among consumers, as can be seen by the results from UEBT’s Biodiversity Barometer, and pressure on companies to address this new challenge is mounting.


According to the most recent figures over 70% of consumers have heard of the term biodiversity and just over 30% can define it correctly. An overwhelming 88% of consumers would like to know more about how companies are sourcing their natural ingredients and 84% would boycott a brand if its practices didn’t respect ethical and environmental principles.


For more information on consumer awareness of biodiversity, please download the barometer here:  Biodiversity Barometer 2011.

To access a copy of the presentation: Biodiversity Barometer Presentation – French


This presentation was given by Katie Bird at the Natural Beauty Summit in Paris on September 13. In order to place biodiversity in the more general context of the green trend, the presentation was introduced by Leila Rochet Podvin of marketing and trends agency, Cosmetics Inspiration and Creation.



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