13 Dec 2011

Biodiversity awareness high among South Korean consumers

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Biodiversity awareness is particularly high among South Korean consumers, according to recent results from the Union for Ethical BioTrade’s (UEBT) consumer awareness survey, the Biodiversity Barometer.

UEBT’s Biodiversity Barometer is a consumer awareness study focusing on a number of important questions, such as how many people can correctly define biodiversity and how consumers view companies who are sourcing from it.

The survey has been performed in a total of 7 countries over the last few years (France, Germany, the UK, the US, Brazil, South Korea and Japan) and the latest results from South Korea highlight a country well informed about biodiversity and keen to know more about how companies are sourcing their natural ingredients.

To find out more about these results please click here.

For the press release, please click here.


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