UEBT certification assures that natural ingredients are sourced with respect for people and biodiversity. It attests compliance with the UEBT Ethical BioTrade Standard. The standard requires the conservation of biodiversity in the sourcing area and support of provider communities through equitable prices and local projects.

Ethical BioTrade Principles

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Sustainable use
  • Fair and equitable benefit sharing
  • Socio-economic sustainability
  • Legal compliance
  • Respect for the right of actors
  • Clarity about land tenure

Certification options

UEBT offers its members the following certification possibilities:

Certification conditions

Companies that wish to certify natural ingredients need to comply with specific certification protocols and checklists.

Requirements include annual audits by Certification Bodies of companies’ internal management systems for certified natural ingredients, and regular audits of local supplier communities. These requirements are in addition to the UEBT membership requirements.

UEBT offers different assurance models to demonstrate compliance of ingredients with the Ethical BioTrade standard.
Some of the options include:

  • Different supply chain actors can become UEBT Certificate Holder. The Certificate Holder is responsible for the implementation of the UEBT requirements.
  • UEBT requirements can be integrated in company standards and supplier assurance programs. In this case UEBT together with external Certification Bodies checks that the company standards and assurance program complies with the UEBT requirements.
  • Certificate Holders can undertake supplier audits through company auditors or external Certification Bodies. If company auditors are used, external Certification Bodies will conduct random check to assure the quality of audits.

Please contact UEBT to see which approach best suits your company, or consult the UEBT certification protocols.

The certification protocols, checklists and claims policies are available on our resources page.

Current certificate holders

Member Certification protocol Certified since
Extravit s.r.o. Certification Protocol for UEBT/UTZ Certified Herbal Tea 05 Oct 2017
Jan Spider Certification Protocol for UEBT/UTZ Certified Herbal Tea 14 Aug 2017
Martin Bauer Certification Protocol for UEBT/UTZ Certified Herbal Tea 15 Mar 2016
Natura UEBT Certification protocol 24 Mar 2016
Novel Dev. Tanzania UEBT Certification protocol 12 Jun 2015
Sociedad Agricola y Forestal Casino Certification Protocol for UEBT/UTZ Certified Herbal Tea 29 Jun 2017
Symrise Brazil UEBT Certification protocol 24 Mar 2016
Symrise Madagascar Certification Protocol for UEBT/UTZ Certified Herbal Tea &
UEBT Certification protocol
03 Apr 2017

Withdrawn and rescinded certificates

Member Certificate protocol Date