06 Feb 2012

Laboratoires Expanscience joins the Union for Ethical BioTrade

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Laboratoires Expanscience, a French cosmetics and pharmaceutical company has joined the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), a non-profit organisation that promotes the ‘Sourcing with Respect’ of ingredients from biodiversity.

In becoming a member of UEBT, Laboratoires Expanscience commits to the principles of Ethical BioTrade and will apply the Ethical BioTrade Standard to its sourcing practices. This means ensuring that sourcing practices promote biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of biodiversity, as well as making sure that benefits are shared equally along the supply chain.

“Laboratoires Expanscience has specialised in natural extracts for more than 40 years. Plants are our most important raw material when developing active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Joining UEBT is both a way to recognise the work we have already done as part of our sustainable development strategy as well as a commitment to the future,” said Alex Saunois, Lipochemistry and Plant Extract Research and Development Manager for Laboratoires Expanscience.

For more information please download the press release.


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