Who may join UEBT?

Private and public companies, trade associations, NGOs, community producers or collectors, national biotrade programmes, and any other organisation active in the biotrade arena can apply for UEBT membership.
There are 2 types of membership in UEBT, Trading Member and Affiliate Member

Types of membership

Actors that are directly involved in the supply chain of BioTrade goods and services (e.g. producer/collector organisations, processing companies, traders, manufacturing companies brands).

Membership will be granted as soon as UEBT has approved the member’s work-plan outlining the measures and timeframe by which the member organisation will complete its Critical Path to achieve compliance with UEBT’s Standard.

Organisations or individuals that are supportive of the principles of Ethical BioTrade but are not themselves directly involved in trading.

Affiliate Members need to formally commit to the Principles and Criteria of Ethical BioTrade and indicate how they will implement this commitment before being accepted as a member of UEBT. They will also be required to submit periodic updates on their activities in support of Ethical BioTrade.