Application process

The membership application process is different for Trading Members and Affiliate Members.

When applying, a prospective Trading Member commits to the UEBT verification system and to reaching compliance with the requirements.

Applicants to UEBT are encouraged to carry out a self-evaluation against the Ethical BioTrade standard. This allows them to assess if they meet the minimum requirements of Ethical BioTrade and develop a better understanding of what membership of the Union for Ethical BioTrade entails.

The prospective Trading Member will follow the following application process:

Stages towards trading membership

  1. Prospective Trading Members are required to submit an application form to the UEBT Secretariat.
    By submitting the application form the applicant commits to UEBT’s membership conditions and obligations (GOV25)
    The application form will be reviewed by UEBT’s Membership Committee, which will check if the applicant is eligible for membership.
  2. After approval the eligible applicant is given the ‘Approved Candidate’ status and needs to pay the registration fee.
  3. Within 6 months of being granted the status of ‘Approved Candidate’, the applicant must undergo an independent third party audit by one of the Verification Bodies qualified by UEBT.
    In addition to assessing compliance with the minimum requirements for membership the audit will provide a gap analysis outlining the issues that need to be addressed to achieve full compliance with the Ethical BioTrade Standard.
  4. After the audit confirms that the ‘Approved Candidate’ meets the minimum requirements for membership, the ‘Approved Candidate’ will be granted ‘Provisional Member’ status.
    The ‘Provisional Member’ is then required to prepare a work-plan that leads the organisation towards compliance with the UEBT Standard.
    The work-plan needs to be approved by the qualified Verification Body.
  5. The ‘Provisional Member’ will submit to the UEBT Secretariat the full and public audit report, and the approved work-plan (where necessary, a public version).
    The public documents are evaluated by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors.
    After approval of the documents the ‘Trading Member’ status is granted.

At each decision making stage (2 and 5) the organization has the possibility to appeal. For more information, please refer to the PRO07 – Appeals procedure.

Maintaining membership status

Trading Members will maintain their membership status as long as they can show progress in the implementation of their work-plan via annual reports, in line with the Membership Conditions and Obligations for Trading Members (GOV25) and their annual membership fee is paid.

For more information, please check the procedure on the Application process for Trading Members – PRO10 – Membership Application Process for Trading Members.

Stages towards affiliate membership

  1. Prospective Affiliate Members are required to fill in an application form and submit it to the UEBT Secretariat.
    By submitting the membership application form, the applicant commits to UEBT’s membership conditions.
    Affiliate Members need to indicate if they comply with the minimum requirements of Ethical BioTrade, and show how they will implement these commitments before being accepted as a member of UEBT.
  2. The application will be reviewed by UEBT’s Membership Committee and the Board of Directors.
    If the application is approved, ‘Affiliate Member’ status will be granted upon payment of the first year of membership fees.

Maintaining membership status

Affiliate Members will maintain their membership status as long as they submit annual updates on their activities in support of the Principles and Criteria of Ethical BioTrade, as well as paying their annual membership fees.