UEBT’s name, logos and tagline ‘Sourcing with Respect’ are Trademarks / Service Marks of the Union for Ethical BioTrade and are subject to a license agreement.

Members of the Union for Ethical BioTrade are encouraged to communicate about their membership. Members may use the membership logo and issue clarifying statements regarding UEBT.

If you are thinking of using the UEBT Membership logo in your communications, you are required to send it to the UEBT Secretariat for review.

Non-members can at no time use the membership logo.

Provisional Members can start communicating about their membership with UEBT but they are not entitled to use the membership logo, insofar as they are not Members approved by the Board of Directors.

The name and logos of the Union for Ethical BioTrade shall in no instance be used in a way that could induce a misunderstanding about the practices of the organisation in question.

The membership logo can be used on different types of communication materials of Members. This includes both general communication materials and product specific communication materials. However, the membership logo can at no instance be used on products, or on primary (e.g. bottle), or secondary (e.g. box) packaging.

For more information see the communication guidelines for Trading Members (English, French, Spanish) and Affiliate Members (English, French, Spanish).