03 Jun 2009

Mintel report predicts that Cosmetics companies will pursue ethical strategies in 2009

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Cosmetics companies are expected to increasingly pursue ethical strategies in the coming months, as recently reported by Mintel. According to the research firm, ‘extreme ethical’ trends are expected to be on the rise in 2009 as the cosmetics industry works to reposition itself as advocates and leaders of social change.  Through implementing sustainable production processes, along with reducing waste and carbon footprints, these companies are looking to meet rising consumer demands for ethical products. And it’s not just niche natural or organic beauty brands anymore, says Mintel; larger companies, like Clarins and The Body Shop, are now part of the trend as well. This latest study echoes the findings of a Union for Ethical BioTrade-commissioned survey, conducted by IPSOS, which revealed that 87% of respondents would favor ethically sourced products when shopping for cosmetics. This striking majority is just one example among many that speaks to a distinct emerging pattern: consumers want to know more about the issues and companies in the sector are now looking to respond to this demand, or risk losing customers. For many in the industry, the choice is clear.

For more coverage on the issue, visit Cosmetics Design-Europe.


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