11 Dec 2008

Natural and Organic Cosmetics – 2nd Summit

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The Union for Ethical Biotrade will be giving insights on how to source ingredients ethically at the 2nd Annual Summit on Natural & Organic Cosmetics on December 9 to 11, 2008, at the Hilton London Docklands, in the United Kingdom.

The natural and organic cosmetics industry is booming, with new natural and organic products appearing on shelves daily. However, the sheer number of green claims made in product marketing, together with the ‘greenwashing’ carried out by corporations all over the globe, is causing distrust amongst consumers who are now beginning to question the environmental benefits of the products they purchase.

This presents a new challenge for companies that are genuinely producing environmentally and ethically sound products. How do these companies add extra ‘green’ value to their products? How can they reach out to their target market and make themselves heard through the haze of green marketing? One of the ways to success in this fast moving market undoubtedly lies in fully understanding the modern eco-ethical customer. Consumers are becoming wiser and it is essential to understand the attitudes, habits and thoughts that lie behind a purchase.

All participants will have the opportunity to get views on current consumer ethical and environmental attitudes and spending practices. Leading experts will show them how to further augment the environmental status of their products through the selection of the right ingredients, suppliers, and packaging. They will be provided with new tools to convey their marketing message through complete market analysis from several perspectives, innovative advertising streams, Web 2.0, social networking, and more. They will also uncover what lies in store for the future, how to best tackle certification, and they will also get to discuss the topic of regulatory harmonization.


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