21 Sep 2010

New: UEBT note 1 of 4 on trends in patenting

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Biodiversity is recognized as a source of innovation in the cosmetics sector.  But how is it addressed in the context of patents? To contribute to efforts to understand how patenting strategies support ethical sourcing practices, UEBT commissioned an analysis of the patent landscape for natural ingredients in the cosmetics sector.  This research contains unprecedented information on trends on patents and biodiversity in the cosmetics sector and insights into topics such as most important countries, companies, and plants involved.

A series of four information notes, to be released separately in the run up to the UN Biodiversity Summit in October, will provide a summary of the data and main findings of this research.

The first information note, entitled “Trends in patent activity in the cosmetics and perfume sectors,” includes the following findings and issues:

  • Growing numbers of patents related to cosmetics,
  • Relative significance of patent activity in relation to natural ingredients,
  • Top patent assignees for cosmetics and perfumes,
  • Initial questions raised on how the cosmetics sector addresses the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

For the full text (note 1 of 4) click here

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  1. Stewart Wossa 11/10/2010 at 0137 Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I will appreciate if you could kindly forward me copies of all the notes on UEBT notes on the trends in patenting in the cosmetic sector.




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