Suspended membership

Membership to UEBT is suspended in cases of lack of compliance with the UEBT membership conditions and obligations as detailed in the UEBT  – Membership conditions and obligations for Trading Members.

Suspended members lose their statutory voting rights, can no longer use the UEBT membership logo, and risk losing their membership upon decision of the Membership Committee.

Membership is reinstated when members regain compliance with the UEBT Membership conditions and obligations, in which case they recover all their rights.

Current organisations with suspended membership are:

Company name Country Date of suspension
Inversiones 2A Peru 31/12/2014
Bio Oleos Maxxime – BOM Mozambique 20/12/2017
Ecoterra Germany 20/12/2017
Labfarve Colombia 20/12/2017
Traphaco Vietnam 20/12/2017
Vietroselle Vietnam 20/12/2017