Provisional Members

Provisional members have successfully passed the UEBT entry audit conducted by an independent Verification Body (step II). They are in the process of developing their work-plan to reach compliance with the Ethical BioTrade Standard. Once the work-plan is approved, and the potential comments received in the public consultation phase have been addressed (see below), they will become Member.

Current provisional members:

As part of the application process, stakeholders are invited to provide their comments on Provisional Members regarding their compliance with the UEBT membership conditions. This process is open two months after the provisional membership status has been granted. UEBT will reply to all comments and, as long as they are relevant, they will form part of the member’s final approval process. If you wish to take part in this consultation, please submit your comments to the following address: [email protected].

UEBT will continue to receive and address comments on its members, but those received after this initial 2 months period will not be included in the final membership approval process.