Centroflora group


Centroflora Group operates worldwide in the development and marketing of vegetable extracts for Personal Care, Nutrition and Health. The Group has technologies and processes that allow the isolation, extraction, concentration and drying of differentiated natural ingredients, with assured quality and traceability.

The company offers a wide variety of extracts from various regions of the planet, with special attention to those from the Brazilian biodiversity.


For more information Download the 2014/1015 Centroflora sustainability report.

UEBT trading member since Jan 2015

(Grupo Centroflora – Anidro do Brasil Extrações S.A. – Unidade Farmoquímica, division of Centroflora group has been UEBT trading member since May 2011 and the Anidro do Brasil annual reports can be found here: 2011 2012 2013


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