ECO TERRA GmbH, established in 2005 and based in Germany, is a supplier, trader and final processor for the food sector. Products that the company sources include Macademia nuts, Maca and Quinoa from Bolivia. The company has a strong link with their suppliers, and many products are organic and Fair Trade certified.

ECO TERRA is UEBT trading member since March 2014

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Founded by a Bolivian entrepreneur, Eco Terra, is a social responsible company based in Germany, which business model is based on the technical and commercial support of Bolivian companies as well as their local development.


Eco Terra’s activities range from the sourcing and trading of (natural) ingredients for the food sector to the processing of a variety of products sold under their own Nutfields brand, these products are based primary on Maca as well as Quinoa and different nuts.

As the company further develops with new marketing and distribution strategies such as branding and online sales, it takes the opportunity to introduce the Ethical BioTrade Standard as a guideline to their future business practices.