Grupo Empresarial Valencia



Grupo Empresarial Valencia is a Bolivian company producing natural medicinal products based on traditional Andean medicinal practices. With over 35 years experience, the company’s goals are based on respect for the environment and the suppliers they work with.


UEBT trading member since September 2013

Natural medicine – Bolivian biodiversity and its benefits


Thirty years ago nature and science came together to create high quality natural medicinal products. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of traditional Andean medicine and the benefits Bolivian biodiversity offers, Grupo Empresarial Valencia has been developing natural medicinal products for both the national and international market.

Maca, açaí, quinoa, cacao, aloe and 15 other natural ingredients are used in the development of, among others, natural antioxidants, energetic beverages, supplements and vitamins. Grupo Empresarial Valencia has the quality certification ISO 9001:2008, the environmental certification ISO 14001:2004 and the food safety norm ISO: 22000:2005.

GrupoEmpresarial Valencia

‘From the beginning we were respectful with the environment and the suppliers we work with. We have a close relationship with our suppliers to whom we pay international prices besides from a premium defined at the beginning of our negotiations. This premium should be used for health and education projects for the community’ (Avidan Valencia, Grupo Empresarial Valencia).


Based closed to the city of Cochabamba and with a distribution centre in Santa Cruz city, Grupo Empresarial Valencia employs +30 local people and offers products from the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector.