Palmaplan Agroindustrial LTDA


Palmaplan Agroindustrial Ltda is a new vegetable oil company located in Roraima state. The company is still setting its production unit and is also partnering with small holders for future plantations. The production is envisioned to start in 2015. In September 2012 the company began operating the extraction of fixed oils from Brazilian chestnut and Buriti among others. It also worked jointly in a partnership with indigenous communities and small holders.


UEBT trading member since December 2013

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Palmaplan Agroindustrial Ltda is a subsidiary of Oleoplan one of the two largest players in the Biodiesel market in Brazil. Oleoplan is active in the extraction of vegetable oil since the eighties. The company started palm plantations in 2011 and aims at initiating oil production in 2015. In 2012 and until the palm factory is ready to operate; the company started a pilot factory with high quality equipment and large capacity of oil production based on Brazilian Chestnut and Buriti. While the production of the pilot plant is not the main market of the company, employing around 120 people, Palmaplan offers relevant benefits to local and indigenous people in the region. In 2012 the company signed a purchase and sale contract with the indigenous people of Wai-wai for local Chestnut. This was the first time this indigenous community was able to sell directly and without intermediaries to a large production plant, representing an important income for the population.


Palmaplan is currently working on production strategies, defining financial systems, internal and external procedures as well as socio-environmental policies committed to ethical biotrade practices. It is also aware of the difficulties and potential negative impact the use of Africal Palm can have on the environment, therefore one of their main activities is to implement a program of Good Manufacturing Practices, to among others, manage waste production, determine when species are in danger and be able to implement good practices. In collaboration with strategic partners Palmaplan is also active training small holders in palm oil practices.