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Sotramex Sarl, works for the cosmetics and the pharmaceutical sector and is the main supplier of Centella asiatica (Talapetraka in Malagasy), for Serdex – division of Bayer Santé Familiale. Together with Serdex, the company is active in projects supporting local community’s living conditions.


UEBT trading member since December 2013


Based in Antananarivo Madagascar, Sotramex Sarl has 35 employees, a grinding centre, a laboratory, four offices and warehouses four distilling units, from which 2 are in the forest where the raw materials are, and involves over 2500 collectors in the area. Sotramex main activities are the production of plant extracts, essential oils and plant collection. 80% of the Centella asiatica, or Talapetraka, collected is later sold to Serdex, a UEBT member since 2008. By being a supplier of Serdex, Sotramex already has started implementing Ethical BioTrade practices through the collection of Serdex portfolio.


The socio-economic and political situation in the Madagascar as well as the common forest fires, make the ethical sourcing practices a challenge for the company. The work and therefore income the organisation generates in the region aims at supporting local development. However, the company aims at more, for the last ten years, in a collaborative alliance with Serdex, Sotramex has been active in projects for new schools facilities, libraries, water taps and toilets for the local communities.

‘Education is an important priority since the children are our future and practical knowledge can be a part of the educational process, supply of water to the village in particular is an important issue and it needs to be addressed’. Alain Loiseau, Consultant Serdex, Madagascar.

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