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The Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) offers its members guidance and technical support on ethical sourcing of biodiversity through a range of tools. These tools are specifically designed to provide practical and comprehensive approaches on ethical sourcing for different types of companies sourcing and developing natural ingredients around the world. Through these tools, UEBT members move to ensure that their sourcing practices promote the conservation of biodiversity, the respect for traditional knowledge and the equitable sharing of benefits. For more information about UEBT tools contact [email protected]

Ethical BioTrade Standard

The Ethical BioTrade Standard is an internationally recognized set of principles and criteria on ethical sourcing of biodiversity. It guides companies in structuring their operations and supply chains on natural ingredients. Implementing the Ethical BioTrade Standard is a way for companies to promote equity and sustainability, respect the rights of actors, and build their business on solid and ethical foundations.

Select your language of preference and download the Standard: ENESPORFRDE

ABS tree

Practical, virtual and interactive lessons on how the Ethical BioTrade Standard is implemented and how to put in practice equitable benefit sharing. Participants can choose the introductory course or deepen their understanding with the complete module. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. More information about UEBT E-Training Platform here.

Ingredient Portfolio Assessment Tool – IPA 

UEBT member companies assess their natural ingredient portfolio to identify supply chains most relevant for Ethical BioTrade practices. Members follow a risk-based approach, taking into account issues such as social and environmental impacts, and strategic importance of the ingredients for their business. In order to assist members in prioritising their ingredients, UEBT has developed an Ingredient Portfolio Assessment tool.

 Manual on Benefit Sharing
Manual on benefit sharing

A practical look at Principle 3 of the Ethical BioTrade Standard, which focuses on equitable benefit sharing. How do criteria on fair trade practices work? What do they require from different types of companies? What is the link between legal and ethical requirements on ABS? How can companies deal with ABS along supply chains? The manual on benefit sharing answers these and other questions, as well as outlining a step-by-step process for assessing the level of compliance within a company or supply chain.

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Community Dialogues Guidelines
Guidelines for community dialogues

Ethical BioTrade requires actors along the supply chain to engage in dialogues – processes that promote respectful, balanced and inclusive discussions and build sustainable and ethical partnerships. The guidelines on ‘Dialogues in Ethical BioTrade’ provide companies working with the Ethical BioTrade Standard with practical guidance on establishing dialogues with local partners in the context of their sourcing activities.

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Patent Principles
Patent Principles

The use of patents in relation to biodiversity creates risks as well as opportunities. The UEBT Principles on Patents and Biodiversity support members in understanding and addressing the link between patents and legal and ethical obligations on fair and equitable sharing of benefits.

Select your language of preference and download the UEBT principles on patents and biodiversity: ENESPORFR


Community Kit

Community Kit posters

Community Kit – Raising awareness and putting Ethical BioTrade into practice

Building partnerships with producers and their communities is fundamental for companies sourcing natural ingredients. UEBT developed a set of illustrated and interactive material to raise awareness on Ethical BioTrade and encourage active participation in putting it in practice.
The community kit includes information for moderators, community leaders and community members on key Ethical BioTrade issues. More information about the Community Kit here.

*Materials are currently available in English, Spanish and French.
For orders or information about other languages contact [email protected]

Member prices (excluding postage)

  • 1 – 4 items: € 27.50 per kit
  • 5 – 10 items: € 25.00 per kit
  • Over 10 items: € 23.00 per kit

Non Member prices (excluding postage)

  • 1 – 4 items: € 40.00 per kit
  • 5 – 10 items: € 37.50 per kit
  • Over 10 items: € 35.00 per kit

Trainer sets on Ethical BioTrade aimed at training staff who will be using the Community Kit are currently also available in Spanish and English at the same rates.

Undertaking – Addressing ABS in transfer of samples

This template offers companies working with biodiversity a simple approach to promoting transparency and understanding along the supply chain; ensuring observance of agreements between provider and recipient; and supporting compliance with access and benefit sharing  (ABS) requirements.

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