UEBT E-Training


The UEBT E-Training Platform offers practical, virtual and interactive lessons on different elements in Ethical BioTrade. It is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Currently available modules:

  • The Ethical BioTrade verification system. A step-by-step look at the procedures that provide guidance on Ethical BioTrade practices and confirm that companies are fulfilling their membership obligations.
  • Putting in practice equitable benefit sharing. Breaking down the elements of Principle 3 of the Ethical BioTrade Standard, this module looks at what equitable benefit sharing means for different types of activities and actors.

For each module, participants can choose an introductory course or deepen their understanding with the complete course. Both options include clear explanations and practical exercises. The complete course includes additional concepts and exercises, as well as case studies.

Introductory courses are publicly available after a one-step registration process.

Complete modules are available at no cost for UEBT members.

Access the UEBT E-Training Platform here.