18 May 2009

Strengthening verification processes, the Union and Ecocert-Afrisco establish a framework for cooperation

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Seeking to bring about synergies for their clients and strengthen their verification processes, a framework for cooperation has recently been established between the Union for Ethical BioTrade and Ecocert-Afrisco: an organic certification body that provides inspections and certification services according to European organic regulations, the US National Organic Program, Japanese organic standards, and the Afrisco Organic Standard. Together, the institutions will work together to select strong and reliable auditors, as well as to explore and promote cross-fertilization between the organisations on experiences regarding verification and impact. In the context of verification, the Union has pledged its commitment to developing tools to help facilitate the interpretation of its verification system. The institutions will also work to combine audits against their respective standards when members to the Union are interested and eligible for organic certification and vice versa. The recent collaboration falls in line with the Union’s mission to bring together actors committed to ethical BioTrade and to promote, facilitate, and recognize ethical trade practices in biological goods to meet the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity.


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