17 Sep 2008

The Union signs agreements with three verification bodies

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The Union has signed agreements with three verification bodies: SGS Qualifor, IMO Control, and Fundacion Natura.

The Union is happy to announce the signature of agreements with three verification bodies, thus allowing them to carry out verification for the Union. Each is either part of the Rainforest Alliance/Sustainable Agriculture Network or accredited under the Forest Stewardship Council. SGS Qualifor is based in South Africa and has, through the SGS network, offices in more than 140 countries. They issued FSC certificates in 60 countries worldwide. The Swiss based IMO Control has offices in 7 countries and has issued FSC certificates in 10 worldwide. Fundacion Natura is the SAN member in Colombia and is one of the most renowned NGOs in this country.

The Union is working in developing agreements with other verification bodies to extend the reach of its verification system.


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