15 Feb 2013

UEBT announces the 5th edition of the ‘Beauty of Sourcing with Respect Conference – How biodiversity is reshaping the beauty industry’

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The annual conference, which will be held in Paris on 19 April, will focus on how biodiversity is reshaping the beauty industry. Biodiversity is a concept with growing momentum in the cosmetics sector, with leading companies recognizing its implications for sourcing, R&D and marketing. The Beauty of Sourcing with Respect Conference, organized by the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), is a key international gathering for the beauty industry to understand trends and developments and gain insights into practical experiences.

At this year’s conference, UEBT and IPSOS will present the results of the 2013 UEBT Biodiversity Barometer, a survey first launched in 2009 to track consumer understanding of biodiversity.

Another key focus of the conference will be ‘Access and Benefit Sharing’ (ABS) of biodiversity, featuring updates on the development of ABS legislation in the European Union, Brazil and South Africa, as well as practical experiences from Brazil, Colombia, Malawi and the UK.

Executives of global players in the cosmetics industry and small local organizations will present and discuss the theory and practice of ethical sourcing in the beauty industry. The agenda can be found on the UEBT website the UEBT website http://www.ethicalbiotrade.org/conferences/paris2013.html.

The conference is supported by Natura and L’Oreal Research & Innovation.

Read the full press release here: UEBT_PR_BSR 2013


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