22 May 2013

UEBT launches practical guide on equitable benefit sharing


The UEBT guide provides information on putting in practice benefit sharing in the sourcing of natural ingredients. Ethical BioTrade aims to ensure the benefits of biodiversity flow to all actors along the supply chain, in line with the principles of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Nagoya Protocol.

The Ethical BioTrade Standard contains benefit sharing requirements for all activities linked to sourcing of natural ingredients. Biodiversity-based research and development must also respect a series of specific requirements, which are often referred to as access and benefit sharing or ABS.

This guide explains the objective, terminology and practical implications of benefit sharing requirements for companies and other organisations working with natural ingredients. It also outlines a participatory process to assess policies and practices on benefit sharing and identify strengths and weaknesses.

UEBT members are using this guide to inform their work on community engagement, biodiversity-based research and development and compliance with ABS rules and principles. The UEBT Secretariat provides training and technical support in using this guide in different types of companies, operations and supply chains.

The guide is available in English and Spanish

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  1. Karen Swanepoel 23/05/2013 at 0644 Reply

    What needs to be done in order to have South Africa on the list for partnership as well? I am very interested!

  2. Nice article, thanks!


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