Monitoring & Evaluation

1. UEBT M&E System

UEBT has an M&E system in place to give insight in the results of its strategies, in the reach of its approach (e.g. the number of suppliers, workers, countries it reaches, etc.), as well as in the changes promoted in member companies and their supply chains (e.g. outputs and impacts). UEBT’s M&E system is based on regular collection of data, case studies and evaluation of selected activities. UEBT also explores new M&E approaches to improve its system and reduce costs.

2. Scope and Boundaries of the UEBT M&E System

UEBT has defined M&E objectives until end of 2017, when its current strategic plan ends. Findings of UEBT’s M&E efforts will serve as inputs for the new UEBT strategic plan, the Ethical BioTrade standard, and its assurance protocols. New M&E objectives will be set when the new strategic plan and revised standard are adopted in 2017.

Objectives till 2017:

  • Collect, and improve the quality of, information with regard to the reach of UEBT and its members;
  • Gain insight in impacts in priority areas of the UEBT Theory of Change (TOC), to allow improvements to the UEBT TOC, the Ethical BioTrade standard, and the UEBT assurance approach, as well as inform the strategic plan 2017-2020;
  • Develop a better understanding of possible ways to systematically measure impact in these areas in the future & test new ways of monitoring to give insight in impacts.

UEBT has identified four priority areas for M&E: the reach of UEBT members, impact on companies of UEBT membership requirements, impacts in UEBT certified supply chains, and results of UEBT’s work to promotion of Ethical BioTrade practices.

UEBT has a global standard through which UEBT promotes the Ethical BioTrade practices. Currently UEBT has 34 Trading Members from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia, which are gradually promoting Ethical BioTrade practices in over 1.400 supply chain through their Biodiversity Management System (BMS). They have prioritised approximately 200 supply chains in which they are promoting the implementation of the Ethical BioTrade standard with additional effort.

3. UEBT M&E Documents

4. Feedback and Comments:

If you have any comments on these documents, please do not hesitate to contact the UEBT Secretariat at the following email address: [email protected]


The Union for Ethical BioTrade is a member of ISEAL Alliance; the UEBT M&E System has been designed and will be revised in accordance with the ISEAL Impacts code.