Scope of Verification

Native species

UEBT’s Standard applies to native natural ingredients, either collected from the wild or cultivated for harvesting in the area where they are naturally and originally distributed.
The term “native” applies to species collected or produced in their original distribution areas.

Position in the supply chain

The UEBT Standard may be applied at all stages of the supply chain. The interpretation of the standard will depend on the position of the Trading Member in the supply chain (see diagram).


Buyers have the responsibility to implement a supply chain management system that ensures compliance of relevant fields of work with the requirements of UEBT’s Standard, such as equitable benefit sharing, compliance with legislations, conservation of biodiversity, sustainable use of biodiversity‚Ķ

Producer organisations

Producer organisations have the responsibility to carry out good practices at the ground level that ensures compliance of production methods with the requirements of the UEBT Standard.